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The Johannesburg Community Taxi Association was established in the 1960’s by a group of local so called colored business people who came together and agreed to supply transport to the Sophiatown and surrounding area, with their then Impalas, Valliant, 6Mabones’s, Pontiac and Malibo’s. through the display of weak public transport mode offered by the apartheid government, alternative transport was looked at, and this exercise kick started the formation of the first taxi association in the area.

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Today, the same association still serving the same communities, and is constantly striving to find ways to better its service to the community.

The association itself has gone through numerous changes whereby each chairperson that came contributed to the growth and development of the association. Currently through the forward thinking ,creative and innovative leadership, JCTA has an establishment where it conducts its affair and business from and importantly its accessible to the community it serve for enquirers and so forth.

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