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Most of the our routes operates from 04 : 00 am to 21h00
  • Bree Street Rank
  • Kruis Street Rank
  • CoronationVille Rank
  • Helen Joseph Rank
  • Slovo Park
You can email, call us or visit our Facebook page to lodge your complaint.
Squad cars are there to ensure that registered taxis remain on their respective routes, to avoid quarrels amongst drivers and owners
It will have a blue, white and red sticker on the back window and front panel of our minibuses
Yes, simply contact JCTA office
Yes , but an arrangements have to be made with JCTA
We will promptly update the information on our website and Facebook Page. We will also print notices prior to the increase, that will be distributed in our


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011 028 0601

(011) 028 0601