Community responsibilty

We supply free transport for funerals in and around our community minimum 3 (three) mini buses per funeral – funeral arrangements need to be submitted to our office well in advance for us to be able to assist 



We have a yearly allocated budged for sponsorship within our community we try to spread it out vastly as best we can to cover most of the projects within our community and these are a few to mention that have been on the receiving end of this gesture 

-Westbury Senior Secondary School

-Coronationville Senior Secondary School

-Queen of hearts

-Women Walking With GOD


 We are trying to alleviate costs of our surrounding schools by supplying them with transport for their after mural activities 


We currently running a pilot project with a few of our kids in our community who are having problems coping with their academics at a reduced rate


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  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, Northern Province, South Africa
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17, 10th Street





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