Anywhere on our roues to Town

Fare R10

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the operating times for taxis?

A: Most of the our routes operates from 04 : 00 am to 21h00

Q: Where are the taxi rank facilities for  JCTA ?

A: -Bree Street Rank

    -Kruis Street Rank

    -CoronationVille Rank

    -Helen Joseph Rank

    -Slovo Park

Q: If I have a complaint, how do I address it with the association?

A: You can email, call us or visit our Facebook page to lodge your complaint.

Q: What is the purpose of squad cars?

A: Squad cars are there to ensure that registered taxis remain on their respective routes, to avoid quarrels amongst drivers and owners

Q: How do I identify and JCTA taxi ?

A: It will have a  blue, white and red sticker on the back window and front panel of our minibuses

Q: If a Queue Marshall harasses me, will the association assist?

A: Yes, simply contact JCTA office

Q: Are private cars not allowed to collect staff members from work after hours?

A: Yes , but an arrangements have to be made with JCTA 

Q: How will I know if there’s a price increase?

A: We will promptly update the information on our website and Facebook Page. We will also print notices prior to the increase, that will be distributed in  our 

Q: What are the operating times for taxis? 

A: We are open Monday to Friday between 09h00-16h00

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Anywhere on our routes to Greymont

Fare R8



Anywhere on our routes to Delarey

Fare R8



Anywhere on our routes Local

fare R8




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